The Lighter Side of Haven.

No, really, we have one! ..Somewhere.

The Very Secret Diaries of the Haven
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Dead men tell no tales.

Except sometimes when they come back.

This is the OOC community for tb_haven. No, we're not recruiting.

No, not even if you ask nicely.
, accents, angst, anti-forsaken crusading, aque's many love affairs, blood gods of doom, borktuplets, breaking hearts, brillin', cakes, cheeze, cliffs of insanity, crack, crashing parties, cromwell's messy blood rituals, doom, drama, eating hearts, emo, evil, extra holes, firefly, hijacking alliance /ooc, inside jokes, invading stormwind, killing people, mass orgies, mifis, no's dubious dancing prowress, o rly, old gods, ooc, perviness, pink shirts, potens, pretty pretty princess, public executions, punting gnomes, roleplay, rum, sarcophagus, sauces, sexual tension, srsly, stormwind, subtext, tormenting our characters, tramming, vampirism, wangst, warm fuzzies, watership down, where's the rum, xa'ru's voice, ya rly