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The VSD of No Grimtotem: Backlog Part One

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Jun. 27th, 2006 | 05:27 pm
posted by: no_grimtotem in haven_ooc

((OOC: This is probably not as silly or outrageous as I could make it, but I figured I might as well start us off. :P Besides, No's Clueless Hat comes later.))

Got back from Stranglethorn. Very long mission. Stupid Orc. Least he saved me money on pet food.

Am spending recuperation time in Barrens. Lots of Bluff-huggers here who can't fistfight worth a damn. Got to be shirtless a lot. Yay!

Some girl keeps staring at me. Very weird. Possibly a spy. May need to shoot.


Strange girl from yesterday approached me and said she wants to learn from me. Definitely a spy. Told her to go take a hike.


Girl won't stop following me around. Finally agreed to teach her as she'll make a good meal for Void at some point. Didn't tell her my name, and don't plan to.


Girl won't stop asking me about my name, now. Finally told her, but she didn't get it. I love my name. Thanks, mom!


Girl finally figured out my name and told me to call her "Yes". Not funny. May still need to shoot.


Yes revealed true name to be Bella Bloodhoof. Can no longer shoot. Had Void attack her instead.

Honestly... if you offer a hungry raptor a juicy arm and a small piece of dried jerky, which do you think he's going to take?


Teaching girl proving to be a trial. She keeps saying things that make no sense. She loves her father and wants him dead. Beginning to suspect she's crazy.

Have not had nearly as much shirtless time as preferred.


Found another girl to teach. Name's Aquenda Tenderhoof.

(Note: do not laugh uproariously and insult her last name anymore. Seems to put her off a bit.)

Shot an obnoxious undead thing that was lusting after first student.

How would that even work?


Obnoxious undead thing came back and possessed Aquenda. Night went downhill rather quickly. Followed surefire doctrine of dealing with threats.

(Note: Shooting the possessed in the chest does not cure possession. Will remember for future encounters.)

Bella started calling me Elder. Must start dyeing grey hairs in beard.

Got shirtless while alone today, but it wasn't the same. I need an audience.


Stole magical amulet from idiot today and took it to Magatha. Got some mind-controlling dust for my trouble. Got attacked in the wind rider tower shortly afterward. Shot attacker. Tower subsequently blew up.


Demon tied to amulet set Bella on fire. Decided against shooting for problem solving and spoke with warlock instead.


Met someone named Ahmtar today. Very creepy, but drank what he offered anyway.

(Note: Forsaken blood tastes disgusting.)

Brief shirtless interlude in the Barrens most satisfying.


Aquenda has found a number of suitors.

I found a number of targets on which to practice my shooting.

Everyone wins.


Drank blood with Ahmtar again today. In hindsight, that was probably a bad idea.

Ahmtar gave me a book to read. Looked boring, so I gave it to Bella. She said it really spoke to her, or something.

I'm glad someone found it interesting.

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